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Kapanandze OU Device 10W in 150W up to 1KW Out - English

OU Device 10W in 150W up to 1KW Out - English ( Kapanandze )

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Kapanadze Free Energy Generator

A Georgia Republic inventor, Tariel Kapanadze, claims to have invented a 5 kilowatt free energy generator. In a demonstration video, the device appears to produce copious amounts of energy from no visible source.

The components apparently include a radiator buried in the ground, a wire to a water pipe, a Tesla coil/joule thief, a spark gap, transformer, capacitors, 5 ferrite cores from old TV HV transformers, and some other unidentified components.

In the videos below under the keyword "Kapanadze", several different iterations or varieties are shown. Two appear to be solid state of different sizes, one in a black box. Another is a rotating system.

On July 22, 2009, a video was posted showing a 100 kW unit being third party tested.

Kapanadze on German TV channel MDR:



5KW free energy бестопливный генератор

Free Energy Kapanadze generator (Possible Circuit)

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Nadopuna ( 04.12.2011.):

S jednog foruma:

I would just like to add that there are three device classifications:

I. Kapanadze
II. SR193
III. Kapagen

Each are different, and it is easy to confuse one with another.

Evo i slike koja nedostaje u shemi oscilatora sa 555 čipom:

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