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Statistike bolesti cjepljene i necjepljene djece

Bolesti kod necjepljene djece

Rezultati našeg istraživanja na trenutno 8157 djece pokazuju da su djeca koja se nisu cjepila puno manje oboljevala od uobičajenih bolesti od one djece koja su cjepljena! Budući da su djeca koja su ispitivana većinom bila u dobi 0-2 godine, a te bolesti se obično ne pojavljuju u toj dobi, rezultati su podjeljeni po dobi ispitivane djece. Informacije o nacionalnosti, spolu, dobi, dojenju i ostalim pojedinostima možete pogledati ovdje.

Ako želite sudjelovati u daljnjim istraživanju i dati svoje podatke, možete to učiniti u ovoj anketi.

Najčešće bolesti koje imaju necjepljena djeca

Astma, vručica i neurodermatitis su u današnje vrijeme najraširenije bolesti kod djece. Nedavna istraživanja u Njemačkoj pokazuju slijedeće rezultate kod 17461 djeteta u dobi 0-17 godina ( KIGGS ): 4.7 % ima astmu, 10.7 % vručicu, i 13.2 % neurodermatitis. Ti postoci su nešto drugačiji u drugim zapadnim državama, npr. u SAD-u 6 % ima astmu, dok u Australiji ima 14-16 % ( Australia’s Health 2004, AIHW  ).

U našem istraživanju rasprostranjenost astme među necjepljenom djecom je oko 2.5 %, vručice 2.5 % i neurodermatitisa 7 %.

Prema KIGGS-ovom istraživanju, više od 40 % djece između 3-17 godina ima pojačanu osjetljivost na barem jedan alergent ( od 20 testiranih alergenata ), a 22.9 % ih je imalo neku alergiju. Iako nismo vršili krvne pretrage, oko 10 % ispitanih tvrdi da je njihovo dijete imalo alergiju. ( klikni na sliku za povećanje )
Atopija kod necjepljene djece
Detalje možete pogledati ovdje.

ADS, hiperaktivnost, autizam, problemi kod spavanja, problemi koncentracije i migrene

ADS i hiperaktivnost su zastupljeni kod 1-2 % djece u našim ispitivanjima, ADHD u Njemačkoj je 7.9 %, a 5.9 % ih je na granici kojima još nisu dijagnosticirani.

Detalje možete vidjeti ovdje. Postoje slučajevi autizma kod necjepljene djece, kod našeg ispitavanja bilo ih je 4 među svima. Od te četvoro djece, jedno je imalo izrazito veliku koncentraciju žive, aluminija i arsena. Kod drugog djeteta majka je imala visoke razine žive u sebi.

Otitis, sinusna oboljenja, herpes, bradavice, polipi i gljivična oboljenja

KIGGS je pokazao da je 12.8 % djece u Njemačkoj imalo herpes, a 11 % otitis ( upala uha ). Ako to usporedimo sa necjepljenom djecom, možemo primjetiti da je herpes među njima izuzetno rijedak ( manje od 0.5 % ).

Sinusne upale kod malene djece su porasle na visokih 32 % (Albegger KW. Banale Entzüngen der Nase und der Nasennebenhöhlen. In: Berendes J, Link JR, Zöllner F, eds. Hals, Nasen-,OhrenHeilkunde in Praxis und Klinik. Band I. Obere und untere Luftwege. Stuttgart: G Thieme Verlag, 1979: 11.1–11.32.). Kod našeg ispitivanja, manje od 1 % djece je imalo upale sinusa, a oko 2 % ih je imalo samo jednom ili jako jako rijetko.

Kod djece ispod 3 godine bradavice su jako rijetke. Kako bilo, iznad 3 godine ipak se više pojavljuju i postotak raste. Od 4-6 godina, 5-10 % djece ih ima, od 16-18 godina 15-20 %. ( U našim ispitivanju je samo 3 % imalo bradavice.

Detalje možete vidjeti ovdje.

Smanjene motoričke sposobnosti, problemi sa zubima, bolovi kod rasta i skolioza

Detalje možete vidjeti ovdje.

Dijabetes, epilepsija, napadi, neurološka i autoimuna oboljenja, bolesti tiroidne žlijezde

Nacionalni Institut u Americi je izjavio da 23.5 % Amerikanaca boluje od autoimunih oboljenja. Oko 7 % su djeca. Dijabetes je zastupljen 0.2 % u dobi do 20 godina (National Diabetes Fact Sheet). KIGGS analiza je pokazala 3.6 % slučaja epilepsije, dijabetesa 0.1 %,  bolesti tiroidne žlijezde 1.7 %.

Detalje možete vidjeti ovdje.

Direktna usporedba KIGGS i ispitivanja (09.2011.):


Izjave roditelja o bolesti svoje djece ( na engleskom ):

Lot of parents gave some additional information of their children. Here are some typical quotes:

"I am 27 years old and am completely unvaccinated. I am very healthy and only get a cold maybe once every year or two."

"My son is mostly vaxxed, my daughter not. They both were exposed to a recently vaccinated family member and me and my son contracted whooping cough. His lasted much longer than mine (he has various health issues primarily caused by vaccine) which was expected. My unvaccinated daughter coughed once the entire length of our illness and the second time we were exposed - same situation- she wasn't affected at all."

“I am one of 10 children from the same mother and father. None of us were vaccinated. Our ages are 38-59. We were all allowed to have childhood diseases to boost our immune systems. Most of our children were not vaccinated either. Most of all none of the non-vaccinated children in our family have major illness.”

“I will put the health of my three unvaccinated children up against the health of a vaccinated child any day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

“My 3 year old child is in a 5 year old class, and is even advanced for that grade. She has not been near as sick as a lot of her friends. She is considered very advanced for her age. Her two oldest siblings had both been injured by vaccinations and have been recovering for the last 6.5 years.”

“My two boys are both uncircumcised, unvaccinated, including no vitamin K shot at birth, and no PKU newborn blood screening, and no painful procedure of any kind. I gave birth drug-free and naturally in an upright kneeling position, after walking throughout my entire labor and transition. Both boys are extremely healthy, intelligent, kind, and beautiful. I breastfed my older son until he turned 4 years, and I'm currently breastfeeding my 2 year old.”

“My 3 vaccinated children were sick often during their first 2 years, suffered from ear infections repeatedly for which the doctor was constantly prescribing antibiotics, which would never work on the 1st round. They'd go through 3 separate rounds of antibiotics before the infection would be gone, meanwhile they'd develop diarrhea and candida diaper rash. They got every "bug" that was going around and strep and tonsilitis on several occasions. They all have skin conditions which the doctor has diagnosed as keratosis pylaris. My unvaccinated child has never been sick beyond a slight, short-lived cold. Never had an ear infection and has no skin issues either.”

“We chose not to vaccinate for various reasons, and have never tried to create an antiseptic environment for the children. We live on a small mid-western farm and the children seldom wear shoes in the warmer months (warmer than freezing)so that is most of the time. They are subject to occasional cuts from various metals, glass, etc. and have not had any infections to speak of. Not only that, but they get bitten by various animals, cats, mice,(they're always catching mice)garden snakes, and the like, insects of all kinds, with no adverse affects. All but the first were home-birth, all were breast fed, and none of the last 8 have ever seen a doctor, (or MacDonalds).”

“I fully vaccinated his sister. She died at age 5 mos 14 days after suffering many symptoms of mercury poisoning including eczema, milk allergy and hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes as well as dilated pupils. Her death was labeled "SIDS". I know it was vaccine induced. I also suffered a severe reaction to smallpox vaccine and have other family history of severe vaccine reactions. My unvaxed son has never needed an antibiotic, never had an ear infection, and has not seen a doctor since he was 2 and that was for an eye issue that resolved itself.”

“He has never had an ear infection or serious illness that required medication and he turned 2 in Dec 2010. Vaccinated kids I know, including my 8 year old, were always sick. Croup, eczema, RSV, Scarlet fever, strep, roseola, thrush, ashthma, food allergies, other allergies, and most of all ear infection after ear infection. Comparing my daughter's health records she was on antibiotics over 14 times her first 2 years of life. She was SOOO sick all the time...doc said it was normal and compared to friends kids it was. Everyone had sick kids ALL the time. It is considered normal in kids under 3. She was not in that argument of picking it up at daycare does not work. I could not take her anywhere of she was sick. Even pneumonia!

"Amazed at the overall health compared to all the kids her age, she gets the same cold/flu and has extremely mild symptoms compared to the other kids who are experiencing severe infections resulting in urgent care visits and prescriptions. All of the milestones were met early is able to read words before 2 1/2 years of age."

"My father is a MD and when time came for my daughter vaccination he asked me for the schedule and after reading it recommended to me not to do it.I myself when kid, was asthmatic and my dad was worried about the effects of the vaccines on her. She is a super healthy teen, never has been on antibiotic, resists all flu season without a problem and her immune system is super strong. Her brother is just the same"

"When she was a baby, I was kicked out of 2 pediatrician offices due to them thinking we were neglectful. One of them threatened to go to authorities. We wound up with a pediatrician who thought it was her obligation to care for her even more than her other patients due to our non-vaccine status. When Sarah was 18, her doctor said she was healthier than most of her patients, but a little underweight."

"We have three incredibly healthy children in our family that have all grown into highly effective professionals. The children have never had headaches, nosebleeds, vaginal infections, gut issues... none of the common ailments that people believe are normal, but are actually signs of disease."

"My son was born out of hospital at a nurse midwife birthing center 6 min. from a major medical facility, all natural and he has been breastfed up to 2+ yrs of life. He's an incredibly astute young toddler with a very active imagination and great sense of humor. He knows his alphabet and is approaching learning to put together words already. He's amazing and I attribute it to his lack of medical "care" involvement. I'm a health care professional and very attuned to the faults in our system here in the US."

"Trust in strong immune system. Use natural foods diet, homeopathy, vitamin C and herbs to strengthen"

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VAŽNA NAPOMENA: Opisi bolesti i mogući načini liječenja namijenjeni su isključivo informiranju i zdravstvenom prosvjećivanju opće populacije, te nipošto ne zamjenjuju liječničku dijagnozu ili liječenje. Za sve dodatne informacije vezane uz Vaše zdravlje obratite se svojem liječniku. Ovdje navedene informacije sakupljene su iz raznih izvora, stručnih knjiga, interneta, kao i ljudi koji se profesionalno bave liječenjem. Ne odgovaramo za nikakve eventualne posljedice Vašeg liječenja - Vi sami ste odgovorni za svoje zdravlje!!!