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Q and A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Laura Knight-Jadczyk gives frank answers to some frequently asked questions.

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In this episode, Laura was asked whether Earth Changes are due to the coming Wave.

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- Earth Changes


Is humanity on the verge of a global awakening?

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- Awakening


What are organic portals? Laura shed new light on this important and controversial subject.

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- Organic Portals


What does it really mean to be oriented toward Service to Others and Service to Self? It isn't as obvious as you might think.

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- STO vs STS


Even if you have a direct line to extraordinary sources of information, you don't have a direct line to the truth. So how does one learn the truth? Watch and find out.

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- Skepticism in Research


What do the events of 9/11 represent to us and the world in which we live? Laura brings a unique perspective to the question that will have you viewing your own reaction to 9/11 in a whole new light.

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- 9_11


Will the world end with a cataclysmic run-in with the mythological Planet X or comets? Perhaps the bigger questions is: what are our chances of survival even if nothing of the sort happens?

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- The End of the World


Do we create our own reality? Laura gives some common sense advice on the topic.

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- Creating Reality


Possibly one of the best kept secrets of the horrors of human history. Many psychologists consider psychopaths to be a separate species that is only human-like, that preys on human beings.

Q_A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- Psychopaths