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Nikola - kolumna pjesama

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„A journey with Ankh“

„Deep inside our cells
lies a sealed code... for rejuvenation.“

- Uttered the oracle on the river Nile bank,
in blissful journey with Ankh
but deep in a slumber, where she sank.

There was a shift but no such thing as death
Severed from the mind - Inside, with universe aligned;

...To hear soothing voice of Thoth the Atlantean,
deep from the sea ruins of Caribbean,
foretelling another end to an ancient game
when souls recognize each other in celestial flame.

Now is the time to realize: There is no such thing as time
Destined... to conquer the mind.

„Natural habitat“

Nostalgic thoughts run through;
To escape
at the moment of ache.

But not now,
Not in this cycle...

I've still got this
shit dragging, called flesh
To dissapear,
it takes some will of mine.

Damaged soul,
cutting through
a fragile fabric of time.

As a child, I came from the realm
of 'All-knowing' -
A realm beyond every reason;
Where ethereal water flows,
removing all the rough edges;

Our true mother,
Our mother of endless season.


With time, one can only forget
when he applied a subtle masque
A ferocious barrier,
he would get.

Via carpet steps
to a delusional stage
...Perfectly camouflaged

Supposedly, it's an entrance
to a safer age.

A true story about a sad chameleon
that changed colours
to those colours
they admired the most.


The insane mind,
who's toughts
circle around,
refusing to break
out, and
every day starts
with the same round.
Drowned thoughts
are hidden
from eternal world-
Too much to bare;
One foot reaching
for the ground;
The other one
levitating in the air.


Where the rain tastes like yellow,
the Sun sunks into the sea;
Mammal writes a story
about a mysterious 'D'.
Where lightning pollinates the flower,
and where the Time is free;
An apple picks a man
up from the tree.
Where you hear my awareness talking;
my crayon eyes wandered,
not paying attention
to what you've pondered.

You and me are on a go;
Inside a bubble;
Briefly imprisoned, you and me
can't do anything else, for now, but to let it be.

„Call from the future“

Sounds of play,
Rushing from
Borderline Hill
To carry the news;
Come and play
Come and play
Come, you old child
And forever play
Play is now
We are not your rules
Do not bow
Do not bow
There is no
Chosen one
We are the
Chosen all
Dancing on
The surface
Of the Sun
Eternal fun
Eternal fun

"Closer to his Hell Halls"

They call themselves
'The Elite'
Watching us
as if we are
under His feet
But worry not,
they are higher -
High enough to
gaze at his
demon balls,
Behind the curtains;
in his Hell Halls

Satan, you
little dickster!
Always hiding
behind your mask,
you tricky
little prickster

Timid eye
of the worldly
Peeping to
see his sheep
His dear,
oblivious sheep
He desperately
wishes to keep


I am a hunter and
I'm huntin' for coins
all day like a maniac
I'm chasin' em like rabbits
No breaks on my train,
Feel no stress, I'm restless
One day...One day, I tell you;
I will buy a huge fortress
I know what I want
But first, what do I need?
Eh, forgot what I needed...
Maybe due to this coin fever
Move out of my way, boy
Penny waits for noone
Oh come, please do come
Eject those coins inside
my vacuum cleaner mouth
Feed my thick greed
and then we head to south
All these coins made just for us!

'Different states of consciousness'

Out here, our truth
is a lie, but won't you
follow me and see...

Come with me,
you eternal sleeper...
as we go higher and deeper

Take a dip into
a dynamic sea of ecstasy

Nothing to fear...
A new view starts to form,
as we allow our
consciousness to transform

Nothing to fear...
Truth alone does not contradict

The pain strikes only when we resist


The farm has been created:

Now, there's only a world inside
About the outside, we don't discuss

Hey, you! Don't you dare crossing that line!
We gave you so many choices:
Pagans on the right, atheists on the left
All the minority, you better join some cult
But keep this money machine rolling!

It is one serious game
with some strict rules
You are free inside
The outside is for fools.

Outsiders are exiled
into the woods,
(Into the unknown)
Close the gates and
barricade the windows!

If you ever decide to change your mind
we'd be happy to steal it

Dragon's penis

As we're sleeping,
from an underground,
a reptile patriarch Pindar is peeping.

Hybrid in a human suit;
His tail rises high above, peaking from his ass,
poking clouds with royal class.

The queen stares at the portal,
waiting in patience for her master's seed
to strike her ancient face at lightning speed.

Don't get fooled by his glamour;
She did, and now she's just another bitch;
Follow the abyss in corners of his eyes,
melting away his disguise.


...Lizard is our ancient master.

Just today, a britain queen has
laid another egg in their castle.

In castle,
hybrid child was born,
Our bestial slave is to
rule this world!

He shall be a public face
His dreams, puppets will chase
But a smoke screen might briefly fade
and the face of a sneaky guardian might be exposed:

Stoned Gargoyle – The watcher of the London nights.

„Engineers of Light“

...And then the old Babylon
became an old garden of Gaia

As I learned about the light
a healing began
during an exploration of this night:

A true history
was revealed by nature
DNA began to whirl
Dark forest has spoken
Eyes have opened

Knowledge harvest
in the pitch black darkness

They were the limb of God
but he welcomed them to
travel inside of him, the whole

Inside his darkness
darkness became their light

Through eons
Creators learned about the light
until one day
their knowledge was so vast
They were able to transcend

Becoming engineers of light

'Enlightened ape'

Light was poured inside his heart
Ape was struck by a cosmic arrow

Awakened... universe painted a new vision
A natural ecstasy (one with all)
In absolute state.. there was no division

Little by little, a feeling began to decay...
But a hawk-eye vision remained

He realized that he wasn't a monkey anymore
He was something new, but he could still see
an old picture of him in the eyes of his peers

Whether he wanted it or not
his life turned the fundamental page
Ape was freed from their dreamy cage

Goodbye, old theater (Goodbye, old pretense)

Having fresh wings, ape soared everso high
fast to spread the message to the other side

'Entering the Vatican'

If you wish to go
behind the scene
to see the source of all strings
Get to know those family rings

You will find warden
in form of a mourned widow, so
get to know their plan;
They will be playing as victims
You see, it's already been written

If you want to take a peak
behind the lady lie
you will find hidden
chambers of Vatican
Slide pass the public lie
See the truth as it is
with your conscious inner eye

'Eternity is near'

One day, we will depart
from our roles
I'll met you there,
Where energy freely flows
Where consciousness breathes

No reason for a despair
We are immortals
on a foreign land
Stuck between the layers
of space-time

Eternity is here
Home is very near
As near as ever
We will live forever

'Ethereal parasite'

Can't touch it
Unseen it passes by
like a spy,
using first human
as an instrument of doom

But one can always feel
the spy creeping in, causing sin
Draining nearby souls
Filling it's empty hole

This spell seems so hard to brake
Among us, lies a thief – the snake!

Oh, but you can't blame your brother
His temple is intruded
His blood is polluted
A parasite has nested
upon the human heart.


No keys needed
to open any door
and no hammers needed
to smash any walls;
For I am nothing.

I am nothing...
On a journey to everything

...I exist no more
Infinity is in my palm

Oh, but I know
what it's like to carry the stone,
holding on tight to their bone

I dissapear...
And let the river send me back home.

'Game of re-incarnation'

I see, you've got some
unfinished business to do, and that's fine,
if it's all you ever want to do.

Have another go - jump inside a wheel,
you are the one who's picking a deal.

Hold on to your drama
as a karma while entering through the moon-void
Take a step back through an old line.

You are forever chained
to the old ground;
With Earth- forever bound.

If you ever wish to break the cycle
thread into the formless
Into higher altitudes of existence
Give into the light of creation
into a whole universe of exploration

'Ghost with a message'

A mailman.

Excuse him, but he didn't come here to interfiere
with his personality.

On ghostly days, he's a receiver,
diggin' through cosmic dust...

...And then he comes alive to you,
bringin you treasures from a galaxy that
he stumbled upon while searchin' through one of his atoms.

Let me tell you: Forget about me - message is the key,
I'm merely a fish that found it in a timeless sea.

...A message from the future's past
from the other side to this life will be my first and my last.

'Green puppet Xander'

West coast drill:

Lieutenant S. M. Dick:
Haaalt! Soldier, don't be a pussy!! Kill that what makes you alive -That human feeling- Kill it marine!! You ready to die for 'Merica?!!
You, puppets, yes - You! Doom depends on you!!! Ready to make history?!

Green toys:
Sir, yes, sir! ! (Roared the obedient robots)
Lieutenant S. M. Dick:
Private Xander, you are a great soldier, your grand-grand-grandmother William would be proud to see it's grandson in action, you are an excellent rifleman - Not to mention your legendary skills in bringing back my lonely boy in panties the taste of good ol' days in my Texas home.
Show your crew how it's done. Kneel private!!
Look at Xander! This is your rolemodel, he never questions, he just does!! ... Now, without hands... aaaat's the way!
Aaaagh!... Good... it's your turn, private Dan... Kneel and repeat what he just did. Moisten up that dirty mouth! ...and by God if I see any tears...

'Hamster's wheel'

...Mothers of my brethren's fathers...
Well, their neigbours and
their friends told me that
if I ever stop – god forbid,
I'm going to lose my grip

On hamster's wheel, nobody is free...
They don't ask and don't know why,
but figured it's just the way things are

Keep them busy – busy with the mundaine
Plenty of games in our city caves
Keep them hamsters ever so busy
Reward them every now and then
and they'll be fine, because
all they ever needed was cheese and wine

From cradle to grave,
little hamster was busy...
His whole life
was like one speedy tunnel ride
...Hamster rached an old age
still franticly fixing his cage
...Until the end of a tunnel,
where he finally died.

„Human costume“

I come to you, lifeless
To bring life in you
I come to you, paralyzed
So I could move you
But there is no progress

We are human
Doubtful of our intuition

I know I could move you
By observing you
I know I could call you
When thinking about you
But in this flesh, I get an itch

We're only self-chosen human
Drifting to this place
Calling it our brief home

A clash between our unchained spirit
And dull flesh yearning for comfort
A need for a complete exploration
Or a safe-cave, for days in isolation

'I'm her nest'

Keeping this lady called Death
I am keeping her
close to my chest, I am her nest
and she's my only
mistress so far, keeping me alive

The only thing I ever posessed
was Death,
and she kept me alive and well
The closer she is to me
The further away I'm from hell

Never will she ever slipp away
from my grip, I won't let her
wiggle away

I want to stare into her eyes
I want to realize the truth
by hearing her lies

„Inner maps“

Go back to within
Close your
useless eyes
Organism, overhead
on the night sky a map
to a journey beneath
Within is
where you're born
Within is
where you die
Within is
you could ever find

Get in touch
with the
inner sanctuary

'Intense cycle'

As the wheel turns-
The one defying to be controlled;
It's intense power, it burns,
And after the cycle has ended,

It waits a while, but
It returns.

In the noon,
The feeling is clear, and attuned;
But not long after the moon
Comes midnight,
And soon...

Spirit shrinks into a cocoon.

Sometimes it lets you forget,
It loosens up,
But rarely it fully lets go;
It waits a while,

But in the end,
It returns.


Everything that one ever knew,
from this moment, will cease to exist.

Passing by the misty Orion
felt like yesterday,
Still remember it's might
Light years away,
now barely in sight.

From the outskirts of the Milky Way,
I flew over countless of moons
and came to this odd place.

I've come near the core...
I've come to dissapear...
And to open the door.

Memory loss
Formless heavens... beyond the black hole.


Jammed between the inner triggers,
Inside the time loop, where time never ends;
A passenger chases memmories and waits.

Now, ego thinks of yesterday and tomorrow
That bring him delicious sorrow,
Everything turns into a mistery,
All-knowing slipps away – the eternity sways.

Where is the child that suddendly got old,
Buying into fables where things never go?

In loop, there's a place called „Me“
The one that does not see
The one that rises above the truth
The one that can never be free.

...Cut out from the inner source
...Crushed by the society.

„Lost in frost“

He welcomes you to his world,
but don't be tricked; you;
In his world, he's immovable
and wants you to become, too.

As you two walk by the mountainside,
he tells you a heart-ripping story
of how he came to be.

You venture further...

He summoned frost, that fool;
In his mind, tortured
and suffering for you;
Fool wants you to suffer for him, too.

The chosen one, enveloped in fear,
chews onto his holy misery;
Together, you will be timeless in pain;
Injured brain, enveloped in frost
is what this journey will gain.

Venture with me; I will show you
my frozen God and his fiords;
Through crippling blizzards we must go,
Deeper inside the frost; there lies my cave,
(Fingers crossed) You can only enter if you're brave.

'Mass salvation'

Today is the perfect day
to die for the greater good
Like any other day
it couldn't feel more perfect

Let's join our hands
Fellow earthling brothers,
let's dance

Life burns in front of our eyes
It mirrors our eternal soul,
that fiery sea
Let's get consumed,
you and me
Inside a flame, let's burn away

Within the infinity, sheltered
by the eternity
Forever free, you and me

'Mental empire'

Genious feat of a brainwashed mind
fixed on conquering massive grounds
The whole world map turned to red
because his mind has always bled
His father was a feisty warrior
His mother was a royal witch
He was a son on one task and one task only:
To spread malady wherever he marched
To piss on the soil that he galloped upon
To spawn little devils on rampage
Blood in his eyes - Pain in his brain
Till his last day he'd remain uncured.

„Monarch, the Frog“

Monarch - the Frog was
just a usual poster, the usual pest
but no more than the rest;
For that monarch job,
apparently, the best;
Or so he avouched...

This time, this Frog
will show us the path;
He's the best, he's no pest;
This time, this puppet
will get us all blessed.

Oh, Frog,
these people see their reflection in you;
You represent them with that
beautiful frog face of yours;
You are the image of our club
and you are on the mad throne, you silly stub.

„Moon vent“

As ether, threading
From a dark side
Into a movie shaped
In slow density

She fell from an observatory

Through the watchful eye
Of the moon
She saw into her past
And recognized that
It was only a dream

There was never any moon...

With the first rising Sun
She escaped her body

„New array“

Anybody who dares to disobey,
get smitten by dawn of the new day;
White array is marching your way.

There rang the bells of the New World;
From chaos... and so they've emerged.

...Try to be brave
and you only make a good prey.

New breed of pigs are breeding in our towns;
Same shit as yesterday, only in different suits;
But under white suits hide the same clowns.

But you... You promised changes!
Who's an idiot trying to convince me
that these morons are our long awaited saviours?

'Noble savage'

Forget what there is
to forget, as you drive
away from regrets;
Every spring,
again and again.

Through your heartbeat,
you'll witness the Gaia;
As I give it to you,
yours is to remember that
they still dwell in Babylon.

Carry this gentle voice
Deep within your mind

Be the catalyst and
carry the Heavens
as they are given to you,
Bring them to Babylon
with courage that
matches their light,
Bring noble destruction,
a profound reformation-
The ultimate desecration.

'Party in the White House'

It's one hell of a party
Silly sheep think
we only drink the wine
But mr. president
is bringing another
virgin child
This party is about to get

Put her on that table
Marduk awaits
Bring in the press
Let them film the other room
This one is about to turn
into a bloody mess

The meeting went well
We made few deals
Deals went swell

But you got some blood
left under your lip
Let's call it a red wine
It will be a little secret
of our ancient bloodline.

Vote for mr. Frog

'Path to a unity'

I am you, you are me;
We are siblings by soul
and we must never bow
to each other, never;
We are not like them;
We have soul; our soul,
It sets us free from
the ancient tyranny;
We have wisdom
and we don't worship
any king, any queen
nor any wicked puppet
dancing on the scene;
We don't need their gold,
dividing us from our souls;
Not blinded by greed
for we already have
everything that
one could ever need;
Our open heart
is our only way out.

'Phobos eyes'

look at them
Martian slaves.

Shh... (giggles)
They've just killed
another clairvoyant.

Be quiet...
stay hidden
inside this floathing rock.

Remain invisible
... just observe the farm.

'Pioneer's bridge'

The last stepping stone
to an unknown land;
Pioneer is the builder of the bridge
to a new paradigm.

A new bridge
where new generations
will safely tread
across to a misty garden,
to the other side,
leaving behind an old paradigm

Stories were told of pioneers,
who's minds travelled through time,
who's hearts were beating
to the rhythm of sublime.

Forcing the unforced,
disturbing the undisturbed
A nature of the pioneer;

A noble farseer
With a vision absolute and clear.

„Placebo climb“

From an angle
laid on a different layer of reality,
you will look into a thing
that used to be such a vivid dream.

From an altitude,
highest one you've ever climbed;
Down below,
you will look at the sea of reason;
You will capture it, the whole;
For now you see it, son,
it doesn't recognize you, that sea;
You are a stranger;
You are free.

'Pleiadian Plane'

All we do is listen to our nature
In our garden, we need no words
Liars are see-through, and just on touch,
we can see your entire past, present and future

You don't need to lie, child
Come, sit here with us

By the campfire, ask an elder tree
to tell you what roams inside your puzzled mind
Come; there is no fear for there is no pretending
We all read minds; We are all blessed
Key is in surrendering

There are no strangers inside our reality
It's impossible to be left unspoken inside our reality
We are the guardians of our density


Plugged in via human scope,
Into a polar dream
where lost souls roam,
In a dream they serve
someone else's dream,
But they misunderstood it
for their true home.

Day followed by night,
Left followed by right
Black turns into white
Blindness turns into sight
Death transmutes into life
From love, we fall onto hate
From thereon, we are getting ready
to start again

We've done this so many times
But why not lose the pretense?
I can buy bliss once again,
I just need to empty the head
And forget about the pain.

We were stretching (running so far)
And here we are, on the starting line.

Ride through an oddity... in search for sublime

Die with me
And see if you wake up
From this dream imbued by the dance between polarites.


Your messiah spoke
two milleniums ago
but you didn't listen

You've embraced
what you wanted to hear
You've twisted
what you refused to hear
You've missed
the keylock with your key

With each new day
truth was escaping
further away from you

Love is the key
Why refuse to see
Deep inside, you know
it's the secret that
frees human race but

these humans are parasites
They built cults and religions
They are the awe and fright
of this universe... So sad

And now you ask him
to redeem you
when he taught you
that redeemer lies in You

So, unburden dogma,
you eternal disciple.

'Return to anarchy'

Tribes have fallen and will soon be forgotten.

Nature spoke of her creation,
claiming back lost talents,
flourishing in a newborn vibration.

Blooming in the garden of mother Love.

So... If this is the place where we want to be...
This is the place where the Godess wants to be.

We returned to our long lost paradise.


...It's been quite some time
Steep seems so sharp...

In these borderlines,
time stands still,
just before the Borderline Hill.

Across the hill's borderline
There are no boundaries
There is only me across the hill

In soothing arms, my heart is stilled

It's been quite a while
Time has come
to leave this muddle (purgatory)

To climb.

'Second comming'

What do want from us, Jesus? Why did you come back? You are not welcome here.
What makes you think I'm a slave? Me? I... I assure you, I am not a sla- Guys, he's telling us that we're slaves again! Jesus, you are being so negative!
There he goes again, talking about eternity. (eyes roll)
...We don't need your kingdom.
I think it's time to call the police. He has gone overboard with his freedom of speech. He's a very dangerous man - A very dangerous man, ruining our plans.
Lock him up, officer Bruno!
Yeah, put that madman behind bars!

Omnipresent consciousness:
You see, Jesus, nobody likes you in this town. Your wisdom is not welcome among the living dead.

„Seeds of (r)evolution“

Love wisdom will fall down in rain,
carrying star seeds from Pleiadian plane.

Through words, one can get a glimpse of vision,
expanding beyond the realm of momentary pleasures;
Therein lie so many ageless treasures.

From a plane where eternal youth flows
subtle vibrations come near and everso close.

Can there be a way to push your fellow brother
into grasping that believing is seeing, when he
doesn't even believe in what he intensely feels?

You are given with dreams of evolution,
but your initiative is the only solution.

Don't you worry, little worm, you will storm through death
as a butterfly that long ago flew, without a single chain:
In his fragile wings, bared a message from Pleiadian plane.


In the city like any other
On the sidewalk like any other
- A sheep, alike to many other

It's hard not to hear those
familiar lines they speak,
empty dramas they breathe,
an infamous fear they feel
Content under false sense of security

She is looking at you
with those dubious eyes
and wonders:
„Why aren't you a slave yet?“

She would like to help you
but doesn't know how.

„Baaa“ is all there is to hear;
„Baaa“ is almost a form of language
But not quite.
„Baaa“ – I think it wants to talk to me

I think it wants me to
join the crew on the concrete meadow
Where browsing paper is
the highest peak of the day,
or isn't that what this silly sheep is trying to say?


Now that I'm famous, today, mr. Green has invited me to a V.I.P. party.
I already feel like million bucks. I will be hanging out with the Elite
He doesn't want to tell me of their whereabouts, though, but he did tip about some kind of an underground city.

Oh... my God, I just love LA!

With Love, Marilyn

'Soul mimes'

They blend in with thee,
wearing masks of sanity
Machines with
mimicry of empathy
Mimes, mimicking
a human soul
Empty holes are
concealed by a role.
It's only a hole
A roaming flesh
Don't get fooled,
for it has no soul.
They blend in flawlessly
Disguised as angels,
ghostly announcing wars.
Spineless leeches
hunting for lost souls.

„Sudden light“

Curse you, damn witch,
In my dark corner, I've spent
nearly all my life
and now you come with a sudden light.

No, it can't be
that my life was a one big lie;
No, I don't see - I can't see!!

Take that light away from my face,
I need to go back to sleep,
Close the door behind you, and
get away from my face, you fucking creep!

'They were lying'

Hunt began on the moon
First rock, I had raised
But nowhere was he to be found

Further into a cold
Further from the truth
I was chasing a word

Through 7 vices,
Through 7 rings
I was stepping into an even more
Crippling cold

Uranus knew nothing
Of such

Neptune whispered to turn back
But I was still chasing his touch

Pluto told me that I was insane...

Through the gut of the solar system
Still nowhere to be found –
The holy grail
A teacher they spoke of, so much

„Third eye – A home“

Above the comfort zone;
Above all the rules;
Above the mainframe;
Lies the perfect nowhere,
Lies the temple, the home;
In the midst of a perfect chaos,
Risen by the perfect storm.


...In timeless flow

No rituals needed
No healing process
A direct bypass to the inside
through consciousness.

Nothing matters anymore...
Gone is a need to control;
To come clean;
I used to shut so many doors.

To be filled with love,
to reinvent oneself, to become
inside and out - the whole.

Gaia displayed her garden,
honoring human who chose to feel.

'Twilight language'

I cannot seem to reach you
On the inside.

I can see my message
Repelling against your wall,
You haven't received my call.

Words fail us, once again.

See me as I am -
Read between the lines
There is no one or two,
But the infinity of subtle signs.

Only united from within
We can talk
In a twilight language.


Every droplet of water
below the limestone
is felt and heard within our bones.

I feel your inner river
but can you feel mine?
When you stop dreaming,
you will hear our inner streaming.

Do not pretend – descend!
Descend from your shell
and feel my pulse, because
it's your pulse as well.

„Weather wither“

With tantalizing talent,
blending in a surrounding mood;
Southern wind is arriving
with almost seeable smoke of low pressure;
My friend, we move,
and we are... attuned.

In this room, things move dense
A midget room... so tense;
From the atmosphere, it's pouring;
Outside on the street,
pouring through you

And in the meanwhile...
Hot wind has suddendly blew.

From people and out, the vibe
is merging... and flowing

Tensions are growing.

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