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Iceland Volcano LIVE HAARP weird lights 18 April 2010

Iceland Volcano LIVE HAARP weird lights, 18 April 2010


Giant Tesla Coils in Russia

Giant Tesla Coils in Russia

One of my viewers sent me these pictures from Russia:

+55° 55' 26.15", +36° 49' 10.97"

These are High-Voltage Pulse Generators (marx generators) that belong to the All-Russian ElectroTechnical Institute's "high-voltage scientific research center".

A bit different than Tesla Coils, but based on the same principal only built up in series to achieve much higher voltages.

Generators this large certainly produce enough power to effect local weather and possibly enough to electrically charge the upper atmosphere, similar to harp except that haarp can pin-point locations using specific ELF frequencies unlike these Tesla coils which produce incredibly high (electro-static) voltages.

The purpose and outcomes of this, rather odd science projekt, is still not quite clear. (k added for emphasis)

One possible explanation is that they are used to study the behavior of equipment under powerful electromagnetic radiation comparable to that of a nuclear explosion.

Another theory is that the All-Russian ElectroTechnical Institute's "high-voltage scientific research center" is creating their own version of HAARP.



Evidence of HAARP

On the 8th October 2009 a mysterious white, flaming type halo was seen above the city of Moscow, it was reported Worldwide. Many theories exist to explain from UFO's to strange solar winds. But I, like many, believe it is a test of the HAARP device near Gakona, Alaska. But you can decide what to believe.




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Teorija o šupljoj Zemlji

This is my new video about the Hollow Earth Theory and the Earth new geological modell. I want to describe and show the things in a 3D animation format. This is an updated version.



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